17 Juli 2018
Velkommen til Danish medical group against the death penalty

Standardbrev til lande der vil indføre intravenøs henrettelse


To: Amnesty Medical Groups.
From: Danish Medical Group against the Death penalty


Denmark, 15th January 2006


Standard letters for free use when lethal injection threatens


Dear friends,

From time to time new legislation introducing lethal injection as a new method of execution is brought up in a country. Protests may be an urgent matter as there can be but short time before such legislation is passed through parliament.

In this situation we believe it to be of great importance that both the authorities and our colleagues in the national medical organization in the country receive numerous protests from different parts of the world.

To ease this process we have written two “standard” letters, one to the authorities and one to the countries medical association to be freely used by all Amnesty Medical Groups when an urgent reaction is important.

You are free to use the letters as they are with the few changes that may have to be made for local reasons in a given country, or you can use them as an inspiration for your own letters.

We are of course most interested in any comment you might have to the letters.

Best regards

Jakob Mertz
Danish Medical Group against the Death Penalty