19 August 2018
Velkommen til Danish medical group against the death penalty

Amnesty International.Danish Medical Group against the death penalty. The members of the group are medical doctors. The group aims to put focus on the participation of physicians in the death penalty and executions.

Danish Medical Group against the Death Penalty works to


  • Abolish the death penalty
  • Prevent physicians and other health professionals from participating in the death penalty


Physicians have sworn to


  • Save lives
  • Cure the sick
  • Alleviate suffering


But some physicians


  • Write subjective certificates for use in capital cases
  • Examine condemned prisoners before execution
  • Order drugs and other equipment for use at executions
  • Advise and teach personnel with regard to executions
  • Monitor cardiac activity during executions and determine the administration of lethal drugs
  • Remove organs for transplantation



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